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If you are concerned that your child may have dyslexia or an other reading impairment, our scientifically proven methods will help. Watch the video below to see how.

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Proven Results

100’s of children like yours have overcome reading impairments at the Arnold Reading Clinic.

Parent Participation

You won’t sit in a waiting room. Instead, you’ll participate & continue the lessons at home.

No Contracts

Unlike other reading centers, you are free to discontinue lessons at any time with no obligation.

About 20% of children are struggling readers

However, only a small percentage qualify for specialized help in school.

Arnold Reading Clinic specializes exclusively in struggling readers. All struggling readers qualify for help, whether the cause is dyslexia, a learning disability, or some other cause.

We start with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause or causes of the reading difficulty, progress made in the basic reading skills, and determine the present reading grade level.

Next, a prescriptive remedial plan is developed to target the cause of the reading difficulty.

Did you know there are 2 types of dyslexia?

There are two major types of dyslexia or learning disability. Some children have one, some have the other, and some have both. One cause is in auditory processing, and the other is in visual processing.

There are also other neurological causes of reading difficulties, and the proper remediation program must be targeted at the specific cause or causes.

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We Change the Course of Children’s Lives

Reading problems are health problems. Arnold Reading Clinic provides a comprehensive program based on the latest reading science.

– A Madison area pediatrician

I cannot express how grateful we are to the Arnold Reading Clinic. Their reading program took our son, who was a struggling and frustrated third grader, and transformed him into an enthusiastic fifth grader who is reading above his grade level.

– Mother of an Elementary Student

My son’s reading level improved two grade levels in the first three months of tutoring.

– Parent of a High School Senior

About Our Unique Program

Latest Brain Science

In recent years, there have been amazing advances in knowledge about reading problems. These advances have been launched by the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) which can map brain activity during reading.

Arnold Reading Clinic incorporates the latest scientific knowledge into our curriculum and instruction.*

We are also involved in our own data collection and research on the effectiveness and success of the program.

Exclusive Program

The comprehensive curriculum was developed by Al Arnold and has been continually refined and tested over a period of 40 years. It includes his proprietary Arnold Reading Magic© computer program for treating fluency weaknesses.

Another factor that makes the program so effective, is the parent training program.

As a parent, you sit in on the lessons and are provided the tools and training to continue the lessons at home.

We collaborate with schools as well. Often a parent will bring the teacher to sit in on a lesson.

* Recommended Reading: Overcoming Dyslexia: Sally E. Shaywitz, MD (Albert Einstein College of Medicine), Proust and the Squid: Maryanne Wolf, Ed.D (Harvard University)

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